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I've always loved personal development and learning, but I struggled to stay motivated and find the right sustainable strategy for me.

My world completely changed when I discovered my Behavioral SuperPowers and realized that how we do ANYTHING is how we do EVERYTHING.  I was already a high performer, but the transformation was like throwing gasoline on a fire! 🔥 

Now, I incorporate my love of self-improvement with behavioral self-awareness to create programs and courses unlike anything you have ever experienced. I use the Behavioral SuperPowers to help my clients understand more about WHO and WHY they are, and use this information to help acheive goals efficiently. 

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Kenyatta Turner, MM is a Behavioral SuperPowers Coach, Speaker and Author.   She’s the Founder and CEO of Freedom Empire Consulting, LLC, where they Coach, Influence, and Protect their clients, helping them to build and shield their own Freedom Empires.  She offers individual and group coaching, mastermind programs, leadership training, and communication development for families and organizations.

Kenyatta is also the Chief Behavioral SuperPowers Officer for DreamSmart Academy, LLC, and serves on the National Advisory Council for DreamSmart, Inc (501c3).  
She is an Accredited Business and Financial DNA Consultant through DNA Behavior. 

As a Business Solutions Specialist with LegalShield, Kenyatta and her team protect families, small business owners, and employees across the nation by providing access to quality, affordable legal, and identity theft services.

A creative and analytical thinker with 25+ years of higher education leadership, she obtained a Master’s degree in Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.

Behavioral SuperPowers = Outgoing, Fast-Paced “Influencer”

Communication SuperPowers = “Lifestyle”